Book Review

A Second Chance at Heaven



I was given an advance copy of A Second Chance At Heaven by Tamara Laroux, to read and review.

This is a first person account of the author and what happened one fateful day when she was in high school. While her parents and friends thought everything was good, Tamara was struggling with feeling like her insecurities, imperfections, and self doubts became too much to handle. She came home from school that day and got the gun from her mom’s nightstand, locked herself in her mom’s bathroom, and intended to shoot herself.

Before she could pull the trigger the gun went off, just missing her heart. What follows is her experience of going to hell and how horrific that was, then crying out to Jesus and being rescued and taken to heaven. When she is returned to get body, she calls out to her mom that she needs help and her mom calls 911 and breaks of the doorknob to get to her daughter. She shares what happened from that point forward until her 30’s and how that experience changed her life and how God used her to reach so many.

This book was so hard to put down! It’s a great gift for those who don’t believe that hell is a real place, is meant as a warning. If you enjoy Christian nonfiction, you should give it a read.

I give it *****



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